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Top 10 Destinations To Visit During Eid Holidays From UAE

Top 10 Destinations To Visit During Eid Holidays From UAE

The festival of Eid Ul Fitr 2018 is just a few days away and you should made perfect plans to travel during this short break. There are a lot of countries that you can easily travel from UAE with easy visa requirements. It is the best time to book your trip so that you can avail the Eid holidays. On the other hand, if you book your trip early then this will actually end up saving your precious time, money and stress.

Enjoy Eid ul Fitr holidays:

Plan your tour and book your hotel accommodation as early as possible, because the best deals are available during the upcoming Eid holidays. In this way you can enjoy the lodging, dining and can have the relaxation facilities. Following are the top ten destinations to visit during this Eid holidays from UAE:

  1. Turkey:

Visit Turkey During Eid HolidaysTurkey is the best place to visit on Eid 2018. It is the place which meets west in a flurry of spices and museums. It has modern transportation networks, delicious cuisines and rich culture. You can also have a chance to enjoy a deeply nurturing scrub. You can apply for e-visa if you want to travel to Turkey.

  1. Scotland:

Visit Scotland During Eid HolidaysIt is another amazing place to visit as it is offering something unique to enjoy your holidays. You can enjoy popular activities like shopping at Harrod’s etc.

  1. Kenya:

Visit Kenya During Eid HolidaysYou can also plan to visit Kenya as it is extremely tempting to avail your Eid holidays. It’s like availing the chance to fulfil your dreams. You can easily apply for e-visa and it just takes few days.

  1. Georgia:

Visit Georgia During Eid HolidaysJust few hours from UAE, you can easily visit Georgia this is considered as one of the most popular destinations from UAE. If you are going from UAE, you don’t need to have a visa to visit Georgia. It has beautiful mountains, ancient culture and delicious food. It is worth the trip!

  1. Egypt:

Visit Egypt During Eid HolidaysYou can also visit Egypt as it is an outclass destination in the world. You can also make your trip colorful with delicious food. Best to plan your trip in advance!

  1. Oman:

Visit Oman During Eid HolidaysOman is well-known for its beautiful landscape and truly welcoming people. This place is a quick stop away in order to discover a new part of the world.

  1. Thailand:

Visit Thailand During Eid HolidaysThailand is a modern place and it is popular for the tourist attraction. You need not face any problem while applying visa for Thailand.

  1. Germany:

Visit Germany During Eid HolidaysGermany lifestyle is so amazing and has several cultural attractions. It is quite different from UAE, so it is best to explore a new place.

  1. Malaysia:

Visit Malaysia During Eid HolidaysThis is the rich place in terms of history and culture. It is an amazing place if you want to enjoy Eid holidays.

  1. Kuwait:

Visit Kuwait During Eid HolidaysKuwait is a place where modern development goes hand in hand. You can visit grand mosque, Bayan Palace and others.

So, pack your bags for Eid 2018 in a foreign land and get ready to have fun!

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