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International Travel and Tourism Trade Show Is Here To Dazzle

International Travel and Tourism Trade Show

#HubbTravel #HubbTour #HubbTourism

International Travel and Tourism Trade Show is hitting the Arabian Desert to dazzle everyone. Since 25 years, it has brought out the best of the #travel industry in Arab world.The top #travel deals of the world are expected to be finalized at this show. It started back in 1994 and ever since, it has been improving with each passing year and offering the best to its visitors and stakeholders.

Tourism Trade Show Dubai

The 4-day long trade show is going to take place at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC). So, it has attracted government officials, entrepreneurs, tourists, businessmen, #travel experts, dealers, press representatives, exhibitors, buyers and other interested parties from all corners of the world.

International Travel and Tourism Trade Show focuses on building The #tourism industry of the region by reaching out to the global market and enticing them to come to them. Free training and networking opportunities are available on site so there is something for everyone related to this industry.

7 reasons to visit:

Dubai International Convention

There are countless reasons for which people from all over the world would visit International #travel and #tourism trade show but here are top 7 reasons why you should also plan to go there:

  1. It is truly international; you can make a lot of contacts and professional networks with people from all over the world. Advice and insight are just one perk of the show.
  2. UAE has a great #tourism industry and the potential is expected to grow manifold in coming years and decades.
  3. Trends and forecasts for #travel industry are largely dominated by what happens at this trade show; you sure do not want to miss it.
  4. There are huge number of products available and added daily. So you are sure to catch the one you are looking for.
  5. Since quarter of a century, it has developed a repute of being awesome.
  6. It is a cultural hub and a true amalgamation of different world cultures will be seen there.
  7. The trade show will be a hub for latest technology, so there are always new ideas that you can learn.

The bait has been set and all the world leaders of #tourism industry are ready to land their foot on International Travel and Tourism Trade Show. So, Do no miss this opportunity of kick starting your venture with this golden opportunity.

#HubbTravel #HubbTour #HubbTourism

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