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Infographic: UAE Visa Types and Requirements

UAE Visa Types and Requirements

Going to Dubai or the UAE as a whole is very exciting, but at the same time you will also have to think about getting a visa. In fact, if you want to enter Dubai, you will indeed need a visa. That being said, there are multiple types of visas out there and you need to make sure that you are picking the right one to suit your needs. With that in mind, we created a list with some of the UAE visa options out there. Based on that you will have no problem getting the results you expect. Do remember that you need to study all the options so you can pick only the right one. It will totally be worth it in the end.

Short Term Visas

It’s very important to make sure that you get a visa if you want to visit the UAE quickly, but the reality is that a short term Dubai visa does make a lot of sense. The UAE visa might not be needed for more than a couple of days or a week, you just have to pay the Dubai visa fee and then you go from there. It’s important to know that there are indeed Dubai tourist visa fees to pay, but they are not super large or anything like that. It’s comprehensive as it is unique, and you should totally consider giving it a try for the best possible results and experience.

Transit Visa

Transit Visa UAEThe transit visa is great because it’s designed to help you get through the UAE fast and easy. The UAE visa transit is very comprehensive and professional, and it does deliver all you need and so much more in a rather impressive package. The Dubai visa here is needed if you’re not one of the nationalities that have a visa free entry or which can acquire a visa on arrival, as you can imagine.

The way you apply for a transit visa is simple, the UAE based airlines can help you get it via the eChannels portal, the ICA UAE app for eChannels and various online channels.

48-hour Transit Visa

You will need to apply for this visa in advance if you want to get it. The thing to note here is that you need a travel document valid for at least 3 months, a photo of yourself against a white background and an onward ticket booking to a 3rd destination.  The visa can’t be renewed, nor can it be extended. You will have a 2-day validity, and you must go away from the UAE within 48 hours.

96-hour Transit Visa

The same requirements are here too, although this time the passport or travel document need a validity of around 6 months in total. And, of course, you have 96 hours to finish your work in the country, then you need to move onward.

30 Days Tourist Visa

Travel Visit Visa UAEThe 30 Days Tourist Visa offers tourists the opportunity to stay in the country for up to 30 days, then they have to move on. The Dubai tourist visa fees are AED 600 every time you want to get a visa like this. One thing to note is that you can apply for a second renewal before the expiry. Anyone that doesn’t have free entry in the UAE needs the Dubai tourist visa here. You can apply for the tourist visa through airlines, but you can also apply through hotels and agencies too, yet you do need to purchase a ticket from them and maintain the hotel reservation.  Since you can extend this only twice, you do need to plan your visit with extra care to avoid any possible problem. It will be a very good idea to prepare your approach adequately here and the faster you do that, the better it will be. Ideally you want to focus on finding the right type of VISA and eliminate any downsides that might appear here and there. It will totally be worth it however, as long as you know what you are getting into and what you can expect.

90 Day Visit Visa

This is a Dubai visa tourist needs to check out and it can be great if you want to stay here for an extended period of time. This is valid for around 58 days since it was issued, and as the name suggests you will be able to visit Dubai for roughly 90 days when you entered. You will need to pay a refundable security deposit, that will be $272.5 plus taxes, so in total it will be $529.86. One thing to keep in mind here is that the visa is processed in up to 4 days, but you can go with an express visa that will be processed within 48 hours, but you do need to pay a fee in this kind of situation. Make sure that you check on the UAE visa status and apply to this beforehand, just to be safe.

Long Term Visas

Just like the short term visas, there are also long term visas that you need to think about as well. These are great since you can stay in the country for a longer time, but results can be good as a whole provided that you apply adequately and at the right time. That being said, finding the right UAE visas options might not be as good, so you need to make the right choice and the payoff can be huge. Just do the UAE visa check to ensure everything is ok and you will be just fine for the most part.

Residence Visa Through Company Registration

UAE Residence Visa Company RegistrationGetting a residence visa for Dubai is great as you will be able to live there indefinitely. As the name states, the residence visa in this case is acquired via company registration. So your business or the business you are working for will handle the documents and ensure that they apply for you. What you need is the name of the company, short summary, copies of the passports, utility bills from your country with address and name, as well as a recommendation letter from the bank. You can apply online and send the documents there. Usually companies will handle all of this for you.

But you can do it yourself independently if you want to do so. The idea is to ensure that the company knows exactly what happened and how you can tackle everything in a way that really works. Ideally the process is seamless and once you share the application and the documents you should have everything you need in no time. It might take a little bit of time to adjust and adapt the entire process in a way that really works, but with the right approach it will be very good in the end. Use it as an advantage and you will be just fine if you do it right.

Residence Visa for Company Employees

UAE Residence Visa for EmployeesThe interesting thing is that you can opt for this offline or online. The MOL brought a website that allows you to acquire the employment visa faster than ever before. This is a system that works quite well for what it is, and you can adapt and adjust it as you see fit to acquire the best experience and results. You will need the same documents as above for the residence visa in Dubai, but here you can apply yourself. Yet you need to let the company know beforehand. Since you are handing the residence visa in UAE yourself, companies won’t have to apply for you. But you do need the residence visa in Dubai for work, so it’s important to show exactly the allegiance. The way you get a work permit here is via a visa quota approval from the Ministry of Labour, then the signing on the offer letter, receiving a work approval from the Ministry of Labour, getting the employment entry visa, the Emirates ID and then submitting the labor contract.

Student Visa

Student Visa in UAEThe Student Visa in UAE is important if you want to study here. The visa of Dubai might change requirements and stuff when it comes to the stuff you need, but you do require a Student Visa to study here, and the application costs are around AED 3000, with a deposit of AED 1000 being mandatory in a situation like this.

In order to apply for a visa like this you need the passport, four passport copies, 12 photos, admission offer letter from UAE university, bank statements, tenancy agreement, copy of tuition fee receipt, copy of visa fees receipt, and when you arrive you need to undergo a medical examination too. It might seem very comprehensive, but it is mandatory and that’s why you need to keep that in mind.

Investor Visa

UAE Investor VisaIf you want to qualify for the investor visa you will need to deposit 10000-20000 AED with the government. If you are a foreign national you will not have to pay tax. The new investor visa rules in UAE are not as strict as they once were. But the UAE investor visa benefits are great if you apply for this, as the return on investment is great and the payoff on its own is downright amazing for what it is here.

The investor visa UAE requirements include a passport copy, one photo, memorandum of association copy, immigration establishment card copy, original emirates ID of the partner, partnership contract copy, service agent contract copy, trade license copy and partner list. There are also medical requirements and visa stamping requirements, these will be shown when you apply for it.

Retirement Visa for UAE Residents

Retirement Visa for UAE ResidentsWhile the Retirement visa for UAE residents might seem like a dream for some people, you do have the opportunity to get such a visa and the entire process is actually very simple. If you want to acquire a 5 year retirement visa UAE, your primary focus here is to make sure that you fulfill at least one of the following requirements. You either need to have an active income of around AED 20000 per month, savings more than AED 1 million or you need to invest in a property around AED 2 million or more.

The Retirement visa for UAE residents might seem a bit confusing at first, but it is very important and you must keep that in mind for as much as possible. It will totally be worth it just because you get to live in the UAE without a problem and major challenges. There are obvious challenges that arise from this kind of stuff, but the sheer fact that you can get a retirement visa UAE and stay in the country for quite some time really helps a lot.

But the retirement visa for UAE will be valid for 5 years. You can get the UAE visa after retirement, but then again you can renew it if you maintain the eligibility criteria. Every detail matter here and you need to make sure that you meet everything so you can avoid any possible problems. It’s not always going to be easy to do that, but the payoff can be great and that’s exactly what you need.

Infographic: UAE Visa Types and Requirements

Infographic: UAE Visa Types and Requirements
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As you can see, there are many visa types that you can acquire if you want to visit or stay in the UAE for a long time. It all comes down to understanding all features and figuring out what option suits you the most. It’s certainly rewarding and the payoff on its own can be huge in the end. Adaptability is a clear concern, as you might imagine.

That’s why you need to prepare your documents and ensure that everything is put into place the right way. Is it going to be easy to achieve that? Not all the time, but with enough focus and resilience you can obtain great results. Rest assured that getting the UAE visas does require a lot of time and effort, but the payoff can be huge as long as you do it right!