Home Tourism Dubai desert safari tours: Full guide to the best trip

Dubai desert safari tours: Full guide to the best trip

Dubai desert safari tours: Full guide to the best trip

Visiting the desert in Dubai is a very enticing and fun experience. You get to enjoy a whole lot of fun moments, exciting locations and a plethora of places that you will enjoy here. Visiting the desert is definitely one of those things that you need to do once in your life. And there’s certainly plenty of things that you need to check out and explore. The results are certainly worth it, so you just have to make the right pick and engage in a very cool safari experience, then you will enjoy it without a problem.

Desert in Dubai

The desert safari in Dubai is one of the best experiences that you can have if you love exploring the wilderness and nature. There are some famous tours like the Musandam Dibba Cruise, Abu Dhabi and Ferrari World or the Dubai City Tour that also come with a tour of the desert in Dubai. These are very exciting because you get to enjoy a plethora of great moments and opportunities that you will appreciate all the same.

The ability to enter the desert safari in Dubai is great because you finally get the opportunity to enjoy some of the best and most interesting places in the region. There are also tons of activities that you can enroll in here. You can go with dune bashing tours, something that a lot of people like just because they get to have a way to explore the dunes at their own pace.

Camel riding offers a chill, yet very interesting way for you to explore the region and just have fun with it all in the end. The quad biking experience is full of action and it certainly delivers the one of a kind experiences you want to expect from this kind of stuff. It’s a unique way to enroll in a desert tour, and the fact that you have so many opportunities for the desert safari in Dubai really pays off.

What types of desert safari could be offered?

When you enroll yourself in a desert safari in Dubai you basically know what you are getting into. A safari experience like this is designed to help you explore the dunes the way you always wanted. There aren’t too many cities in the world that are close to the desert, and that makes Dubai very exciting and interesting all the same. That being said, there are multiple types of desert safari in Dubai experiences.

You have a morning desert safari in Dubai, an evening one and a night time one as well. It’s important to keep in mind that all of these are very interesting experiences, despite not looking like that all the time. You do have great opportunities and a powerful way for you to enjoy new ideas, something that can indeed help you push the boundaries in a meaningful way.

The various types of desert safari in Dubai are all about the time when you enjoy the experience. But as you can imagine they are pretty different. It’s one thing to visit the dunes during the evening or night and something very different to explore them during the morning. The temperatures are different, the sights are different, but it’s a great opportunity and a rather fun one nonetheless.

Morning desert safari in Dubai

Morning desert safari in DubaiThe Morning desert safari in Dubai is tailored specifically to the first part of the day. The idea with this one is that you will be able to see the skyscrapers and some of the smaller towns nearby. A lot of people choose the Morning desert safari in Dubai just because it’s so convenient and unique, you just need to figure out how it really works and then you need to adapt it to your own experience.

You will take 4×4 cruisers and you will be able to go in the heart of the desert. This is where the sand dune bashing experience will be a great opportunity. It can take a little bit of time to get used to the idea of spending so much time in the desert. But once you get all that initial fright, you will find that it’s actually very fun and convenient. Yes it’s still strange, but being able to see all the stuff directly can be nice. The temperatures are a bit cold during the morning, so try to keep that in mind if you go in the Morning desert safari in Dubai.

Evening desert safari in Dubai

For a lot of people, the Evening desert safari in Dubai is a great option because the temperature is optimal and you can still enjoy a very good time as well. They do a very good job when it comes to offering creative and powerful experiences that you can enjoy all the same. The tours are designed to be comprehensive, convenient and you will not have to worry about anything else.

This is a great time to take the 4×4 car and just have fun. You can still see everything rather nicely, and it’s the time when you can enjoy some cool adventures. The sandboarding is still an option, you can go with the dune buggy ride or enjoy the quad experience all the same. Even the shisha can be great here, so you might as well check that out if you want.

Overnight desert safari in Dubai

Overnight desert safari in DubaiThe Overnight desert safari in Dubai might be a bit scary if you consider that you enroll in a night time safari experience. But this is very safe, obviously there aren’t predators to worry about. That makes the arabian night desert safari a pretty chill experience. You can enjoy a great buffet dinner, you can find belly dance parties and exciting places where you can enjoy this kind of stuff. And then there’s also Tanoura dance activities, you can even take henna tattoos.

We do like the fact that the Overnight desert safari in Dubai is one of those things you can try, because it’s a different experience when compared to the morning safari. The temperatures are ok, maybe a bit cold as the night goes by, but you still have a very good time. You might need some thicker clothes if you go with the arabian night desert safari. But it will be worth it.

Dubai desert safari activities and extreme

When you think about the desert, that doesn’t really seem like a place where you can have a whole lot of fun. But obviously you are wrong. There are some amazing activities that you can check out and you will be able to enjoy them without worrying about much stuff to say the least. It does take a bit of time to check out all of them. So, it’s a good idea to see a list of the desert activities in Dubai and then you can choose the ones you like the most. It can still be very nice and fun to say the least. But you have to fully understand which one is great for you and which ones can be adapted. Either way it can be really good and exciting if you tackle this the right way.

Desert quad biking & dune buggy

Desert quad biking & dune buggyThe Dubai desert quad bike safari is very cool just because you can explore the Al Aveer desert as you see fit. Most of the time the dune buggy safari includes this in the overall price so you don’t even have to pay anything else for it. The Dubai desert quad bike safari and the dune buggy experience are very good just because you can have a lot of fun exploring all these cool places as you see fit. Most of the time the runs are for around 30 minutes, which is enough to explore everything.

Horse and camel riding in Dubai desert

Horse and camel riding in Dubai desertThis activity is self-explanatory, if you love animals the desert horse riding Dubai experience is a great one for you. Enrolling in a camel safari Dubai and actually riding a camel is very interesting and rewarding. It’s definitely a highlight if you go for camel riding in Dubai desert, just because it’s so cool and fun unlike many other things out there.


Sandboarding in Dubai DesertWhile sandboarding in Dubai might not seem like much, this is actually one of the coolest things that you can do in the desert. Going down on the sand dunes is super fun. If you already know how to do snowboarding you will find the sand surfing Dubai experience to be a fun one. Do keep in mind that sand boarding Dubai can be a bit tricky however if you are a beginner. Yet it’s a lot of fun and there are no major downsides to this. Even if you fall, you won’t injure yourself that bad, if at all. And that really helps and comes in handy considering the situation.

BBQ in desert

BBQ in Dubai desertYou can enroll in the desert safari in Dubai with BBQ dinner and live shows. It sounds great right off the bat and it really is one of the nicer opportunities and experiences you can find out there. Enjoying a desert barbecue Dubai is not that simple, but it does come with its fair share of unique moments and fun places to check out. You have to realize that enrolling in a desert barbecue Dubai does mean you get to experience some local foods too, so that on its own is very exciting as well. The food at these barbecues is amazing anyways, which means you are bound to have a very good time there no matter the situation.

Dubai desert safari deals and prices

The Desert safari Dubai experience will always differ based on what you want to do. There are complete tours that include a huge range of safari experiences starting at $200 or more. But there are also least expensive prices depending on what activity you want. It’s nice to see that you can pay per activity, which is a much better idea than having to pay for all of it at the same time.

There are family pack prices and some deals that give you some pretty nice costs for what it is. There are deals too, but you will rarely find them locally. You have to search for Desert safari Dubai deals online, and you will find plenty of those.

Dubai desert safari price

As we mentioned earlier, the costs range from $50 per activity/person to around $200 or more if you want a complete tour with safari activities. Is this a high price point? That depends on what you expect, but you do get a pretty good deal for the most part. Do keep in mind that you can purchase separate tickets for any activity. So if you don’t want a full tour, you can go with a land cruiser dune bashing experience, quad biking and so on.

Dubai desert safari deals

There are plenty Desert safari Dubai deals out there. You just have to be open to spending some time online as you try to find the right deals. We like the fact that you have lots of deals to choose from, all you need is to find what suits your needs the most.

Dubai desert safari video

As you can see, the desert safari tours in Dubai are mesmerizing and incredibly fun. They aren’t very expensive and you will surely have a ton of fun with them. Just check these out, give them a shot and you will certainly enjoy the entire experience!