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Best activities in Dubai

Best activities in Dubai

Making a list of activities in Dubai is most required thing when it comes to making your trip memorable. Before enlisting Dubai activities you have to make sure that what your trip is about and who is going with you. As you cannot visit all the places with kids while some places are specifically for families and not the loners or just gents so keep in mind the members going with you. Here I am enlisting a combo of activities in Dubai that you can perform alone, in groups of friends, or with family having kids, teens, or toddlers in it. So, let’s start:

1.    Dubai team building & group activities

Dubai team building & group activitiesEither you are going with family or friends, group games and activities make your trip the real fun. Travelling in group makes you feel important because all adding their flavors in the fun. Moreover, if kids are involved, they learn team building that remains with them forever and become their guide in life. Here are some group activities that you can enjoy as teens, adults, couples, and friends.

·       Snowman Challenge

Your friends will be divided into two groups to play snowman challenge game as Dubai company activities. You will have to build snowman. On the basis of these sculptures, winners and losers will be decided. Make sure, you make a good piece of art to win. Whole team is involved and with efforts of each one the real piece of art will be created. You will learn time management, team work, and communication skills.

·       Treasure Hunt

When it comes to treasure hunt, such Dubai group activities can be played on icy surface as well as near the beaches while skiing. In this game, teams will be given targets of sometime to reach a destination while the path is filled with so many hurdles. All members of the team have to cross the hurdles and reach the destination or finish line to win. Everybody will be helping each other during the game and hence you can learn to work together in groups and helping each other.

·       Camel Chukkas

Camel Chukkas is the polo game played on camels and it is one of the famous Dubai team building activities. Without camel rides, no trip to Dubai can be completed. As polo game is played in groups hence camel chukkas like group games and activities are best to teach team building and team work. Camels are trained as well as guarded by staff so you will be playing this game safely.

2.    Dubai activities for families

Dubai activities for familiesIf you are going to Dubai with family as couple or with parents and grandparents, you cannot simply ride camels because of the age of old-ages with you. However, apart from playing adventures games and taking challenges there are number of Dubai activities for families that you can perform. Here are some activities in Dubai for family you can take help from:

·       Take wife for Shopping

Well, if you are newly married on your honeymoon trip to Dubai, you have to take your wife for shopping. Dubai has got best malls. She will never be happier in any other thing than shopping. Shopping is one of the famous activities in Dubai for family. You can buy souvenirs from Dubai mall to take back home with you as memory to stay with you forever.

·       Watch Camel Racing

Camels are the best thing you will need to see in Dubai. You can see best breeds of camels and there are a lot of Dubai activities for families that involve camels, and camel racing is pleasant to watch. You will be sitting in the cozy rooms with air conditioned on. Don’t worry about hotness of Dubai. You can bet together to make it more fun for whole family. The best thing is kids, adults, and grand, all can have fun in this activity.

·       Boating in Safa Park

You are with couple and require romantic activities in Dubai for family or you have to go with children, everyone will love boating. Safa Park is famous to have boating activities. This park has got flora and fauna along with a big lake in which boats are swamped throughout the season. You can have walk on the bankside as well.

3.    Dubai Activities for Adults

Dubai Activities for AdultsAs an adult, you have so much to do in Dubai because activities in Dubai for adults are huge. You can enjoy there from morning till dusk without getting tired. From racing to playing games and having bears in casinos, you can have here everything. Here are some Dubai activities for adults related to morning, evening, and during the day.

·       Dubai morning activities

As an adult, your Dubai early morning activities would be waking up and having a nice walk on the countryside. You can see pleasant rush of people even from earliest in the morning. If you are not a morning person, still standing in the hotel room, looking at the rising sun would entice your Dubai morning activities. After that have a morning meal in the best restaurant around and plan your day ahead.

·       Dubai day activities

When the sun rose up, you are starting with your Dubai daytime activities. You are on a trip and have limited time so you simply cannot skip Dubai day activities due to hotness. Well, although sun would be shining hard outside, still you can take ride in air-conditioned car and go to indoor shopping malls, parks, and gaming arenas to spend your day.

·       Dubai evening activities

As in the evening, the blazing starts to cool down, so activities and actives increase in Dubai during this time. In Dubai, you will find so many places to experience best sunset of your life. In Dubai evening activities you can also add to have a walk on the village side, visit best malls, and see lights of the entire Dubai. You can also make your evening special by having a cup of coffee at the top of Burj Khalifa.

·       Dubai night time activities

Dubai is full of bars, music halls, and shopping malls that open just in the night due to hotness of the day. So, Dubai night time activities can include visiting a cruise dinner, dancing in the bars, having yoga in the moon and much more. These are all Dubai late night activities because this city never sleeps. You can enjoy a lot of Dubai activities at night.

4.    Adrenaline and extreme activities in Dubai

Adrenaline and extreme activities in DubaiFor all those, in love with adventure and love to take voyages on strange places, you can have a lot of fun in Dubai adrenaline activities. These Dubai extreme activities include:

·       Standing at the top of Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is so high and not everybody can afford to stand on such a top position, this is the reason standing on Burj Khalifa is considered as the Dubai adrenaline activities. You can have view of entire Dubai there by standing at the Burj Khalifa. Moreover, you can find a lot of photographers there who will capture your memorable photos on this heighted place.

·       Drifting Cars in Desert

Are you in love with cars? Well, there is no better place for drifting other than deserts in Dubai. Drifting events are conducted every day. You can rent a car or have your own on the scene and show your skills to the audience. Also, you can join service of drifting car and sit beside just to enjoy your day. There are also photographers available to capture your Dubai extreme activities.

·       Feed Scary Sharks

For kids, Shark is a favorite fish, however these are very dangerous. In Dubai mall, you can find biggest fish aquariums in which sharks from entire world are brought and kept. As a tourist, you can simply see the sharks. These sharks have teeth like a knife, and you need to have guts in you to feed them and capture photos.

5.    Dubai activities for tourists

Dubai activities for touristsAs a tourist and outsider, you will get stunned by looking at huge buildings, extravagant lightening, and lavish infrastructure of Dubai. The best Dubai activities for tourists include:

·       Burj Khalifa

You will be visiting Burj Khalifa. This Burj Khalifa is famous tower in Dubai. It is one of the monuments and to show solidarity with countries, it is lighted up in the flags of different countries. However, this tower is worth visiting throughout the year and you can have here so many memorable activities.

·       Dubai Mall

Second biggest attraction for tourists is visiting the giant plaza in Dubai, such as Dubai Mall. This mall has everything in it from shopping to playing around. Whole families can have fun here. Famous brands, celebrities, and humans can be found here at the Dubai mall. A whole day is required to visit the whole mall so make sure you have enough time for Dubai tourist activities.

·       Dubai Museum

Last but not the least, Dubai tourist activities include visiting Dubai Museum. This museum has got stuff inside that’s many, many years old. You can learn about ancient Islamic religion. You can see ancient memories of the prophets and saints kept in the mall. Along with this, ancient most books are also part of this museum. You must go there to have a memorable day of your Dubai tourist activities.

6.    Dubai activities for children

Dubai activities for childrenNow let’s talk specifically of the Dubai children’s activities. Either you are taking a toddler with you, and adolescent or a teenager, you can have a lot of Dubai kids activities to make your child has some fun. Dubai children’s activities with respect to age are written as below:

·       Dubai activities for toddlers

In order to have Dubai activities for toddlers you can take them to fish aquariums where they can feed small to giant fishes and have fun. Moreover, you can take them to check the fountains in Dubai mall. These fountains are so satisfactory to watch and your kids would love to enjoy such Dubai toddler activities. Along with this, you can also take them rides of small swings.

·       Dubai activities for kids

Riding Ponies in desert palm is one of the best Dubai kids’ activities as they love ponies. There are small short heighted horses that can easily take your kid to a ride and bring back. Also, you can go to buggfit class in Dubai to do sport with your small kids. Teach kids lessons of fitness and have exercise with them in a gym, specially equipped for kids.

·       Dubai activities for teenagers

Dubai teenage activities include camel racing, camel chukkas, watching a movie, playing games, and visiting VR game arenas. Hence, you can involve them into the Dubai teenage activities that I have mentioned above to keep them busy as well as making their trip a memorable one.

Well, travel is all about learning. There have been many tourists from whole the world that discovered great things just by travelling. These days, travelling has become much easier as well as convenient. You can visit far off places within some days even with small kids and old age members of your family. Dubai is the place that’s filled more with tourists and less with natives because of its amazing tourist attraction places there is so much fun for everyone.

Hence, if you are planning your trip to Dubai, make sure you keep places, and activities in your mind before starting your journey in order to take most out of it. Lastly, don’t forget to bring home souvenirs and photos captured at the famous places of Dubai. Have fun and good luck with planning your next journey to Dubai.