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UAE’s Relations With Other Arab Countries

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Since its establishment, UAE has always adopted a balanced foreign policy on the basis of respect, dialogue and commitment to the UN charter.The non-intrusion into any other country’s internal affair and the settlement of any dispute through peaceful measures. A major anchor in UAE’s foreign policy is building relations on the basis of cooperation with all other countries in the world. Extensive development assistance has increased UAEs importance among the states.

To become a sustainable institution, UAE aims to modernize Arab league to empower the interoperability of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). UAE strives to strengthen its relationship with the Arab countries.

Oman-UAE associations

UAE and Oman have embassies of each other in their countries. Both countries are part of the Middle East region, sharing close cultural links and a border. A massive spy network operated by UAE Oman uncovered in 2010. The suspected agents of UAE are known to have had spied on the government and military of Oman.

It’s stated that the spy network might be focusing on the issue of the progression of Oman’s Sultan. Another predicted reason was that the network might be focusing on excavating the exact value and meaning of Oman-Iran connection. Oman has maintained a very pleasant relationship with Iran. Whereas Arab nations have hard and hostile relationship with their Persian neighbor.

Gulf Cooperation CouncilAfter the uncovering of this network, UAE has denied any of its network operating in Oman. Ever since that time these two countries have become very strained. After the absence of Sultan of Oman in the GCC summit in Abu Dhabi, the reconciliation process started due to great efforts by the Emir of Kuwait; resultantly ties between these two countries were stabilized.

Qatar–UAE ties

UAE has its embassy in Doha, and Qatar has its embassy in Abu Dhabi along with a consulate. Both countries share a naval border and are an important part of the Arabic speaking gulf region. UAE has established a mutual investment fund with Qatar. UAE along with Bahrain and Saudi Arabia withdrew their ambassadors from Qatar for failing supposedly to abide by the agreement – not to interfere in the political matters of these countries.

Saudi-UAE relations

The Saudi Arabia – UAE relations has historic and continual. Saudi and UAE have maintained their consulate and embassies in each other’s country.

These neighbor countries are part of the Middle East Gulf Area sharing comprehensive political and traditional bonds. These two countries also share some border disputes but despite these facts they still have strong network which make them serve some common purposes.

UAE is managing to maintain strong relationship with other Arab countries because of their common values, interests and religion.