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UAE Having Good Relationship With Its Neighboring Countries

United Arab Emirates flag

UAE Having Good Relationship With Its Neighboring Countries. UAE is home to prospering economy, lively people and endless opportunities. The most famous emirate is Dubai, and it is famous for extravagant development. It depicts an amazing combination of the traditional Arabian values and modern customs. There are many towering skyscrapers, tree lined boulevards and shopping malls of the city life combine effortlessly with the deserts.

Neighboring countries of UAE

UAE is basically located in between Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman. It has a vital position especially for oil transportation. The interior of the country includes both mountains and desert. UAE is having a good relationship with neighboring countries as it bordering with Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The country is doing its best for strong, friendly relationship in order to promote goodwill.


Qatar FlagQatar and UAE were in a union in some other part of history. Later on, Qatar chose to leave and become a separate country. Now Qatar and UAE are having neighboring relationship. Doha is the capital of Qatar, and it is also the largest city in Qatar. The economy of Qatar is rich by oil and natural gas. All revenues of oil and gas have been used to diversify all economy. It also includes the development of chemicals, steels, cement and banking. Qatar has 20% population of Arabs and rest are majorly Pakistanis, Indians and Iranians. Arabic is the official language in Qatar.

The country is expansive, and it is full of incredible sights. As a neighboring country of UAE, the country is a mix of traditional Arab culture and western ideas. So, just for a great dose of adventurous activities, residents of UAE like to travel to Qatar.


Oman FlagThe UAE is bounded to the east by Oman and it is the country with which UAE shares a land border. Oman-UAE border starts from the point where it connects the two countries to Saudi Arabia. It extends for 280 miles until ends at the Gulf of Oman. Both of the countries are sharing interesting unique features; these features are worth noting and the country has an enclave known as Nahwa. Both neighbors share cordial bilateral relations.

Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia FlagSaudi Arabia is an independent nation in the Middle East and it is also considered as the neighboring country of UAE. The country occupies a large part of the Arabian Peninsula. It is the twelfth largest nation in the world and is also considered as the heart of Arab world. UAE tribes have roots that extended into the depths of Saudi Arabia and it is now the basis of societies whose origins are from the heart of Peninsula. Saudi economy is the largest in Arab just because of its oil resources, purchasing power and market size.