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Most Prospering Jobs Sectors In UAE

Most Prospering Jobs Sectors In UAE

When it comes to choosing job in UAE, there a number of factors that must be considered; most importantly one is the balance in work life. The other factors can include flexible jobs, career growth and salary as well. But what truly matters for the people of UAE is the size of the pay cheque.

In UAE, several policies have been made in order to enhance the job opportunities for the people, and also for those who are seeking job in UAE. Given below are some of the most prosperous job sectors in UAE:

Marketing experts:

Marketing experts in UAEMarketing experts are basically people who have to manage the operations related to marketing in the company there are currently employed. So, the main purpose of their job is to enhance and improve the brand. Such kind of job demands really strong leadership skills along with extraordinary strategic planning.

The salary of marketing experts ranges from Dh 80,000 to Dh 90,000. A candidate must be creative, innovative plus he must have interpersonal skills.

Accounting and finance professionals:

Accounting and finance professionals in UAEWhen it comes to pay scale, then such professionals are on top. These experts have been considered as trusted adviser and great asset of any company. So, it is not wrong to say that these persons have a really great role for the uplifting of the brand position.

The salary for accounting and finance professionals ranges from Dh 55,000 to Dh 90,000. For acquiring such job position, a person must be passionate for finance and as well as accounting. The qualification is something that matters a lot for this particular job position.


Lawyers in UAEThe job scope for lawyers in UAE is significant and substantial. Often companies have their own lawyers who ensure the safety and protection of organization from any kind of legal issues. All the contracts and agreements are managed by lawyers of the organization.

The salary package for this job ranges from Dh 60,000 to Dh 106,000. Only holders of degree of law along with correct legit qualification are eligible for this job.

Senior bankers:

Senior bankers in UAEAlthough senior bankers have a very tough job, but it is one of the most prosperous job sectors in UAE. Senior bankers take really crucial decisions like long term loans and investments. If the company has a skilled senior banker, then nobody can harm the image of the brand.

The salary for this job ranges from Dh 63,750 to Dh 77,500. Such kind of jobs are preferred for people who have relevant experience and are expert in this sector.