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Labor Laws In UAE – Special Treatment For Women

Labor Laws In UAE – Special Treatment For Women

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Everyone must understand employee rights as it is very important part of living and working in UAE. Labor laws are published by UAE Ministry of Labor with respect to employment of youth and women. Women workforce in UAE has multiple rights, and they should equip themselves to avoid abuse at workplace. UAE labor laws place some special requirements which are related to working hours and suitable conditions of women employees.

Labor Law:

Labor law in UAELabor law is basically a central law of government and it is applicable to every UAE emirate. Ministry of Social affair and labor usually implement such laws. Labor laws in UAE are applicable to all workers and the working staff in United Arab Emirates.

Some major features of labor law:

Labor law generally covers all major parts of work connections and employment conditions. This includes business contracts, limitations on workplace of women, leave rules, social care, other employment benefits and much more. It is very important to be aware of all labor laws. It doesn’t matter that you are an employer or an employee. Employers or employee both cannot violate the employment legislation. In addition to that, it is advisable to read all the law before signing contract. Labor law of UAE is mainly providing a separate section which includes the workplace rights for every woman.

Working hours:

According to article 26, working hours are specified in labor law and women need not to work at night shift which ensure that they are not bounded to work the duration of continuous eleven hours.

Employee restriction in dangerous role:

According to article 29,  women cannot work on dangerous sites and risky place, if they are feeling unsafe.

Workplace safety:

It is the first and foremost duty of employer to provide full wide range of basic facilities in the workplace. Employers must take extra safety measures regarding the safety of women.

Equality in wages for male and female

Equality in wages for male and femaleAs stated in article 32, male and female employees shall be granted equal wage rate for the performance of same level of work. The Cabinet of UAE has approved equal wage rate for all genders. Labor law on equal wages and salaries for women will provide assurance that women have equal rights as compared to men. They have equal opportunities as partners in development of UAE. Thus females must be granted a wage that is equal to that of man as they are performing the same work.

Official leaves:

Friday is an official holiday for all workers. And work on Friday considered as full pay day in all of the companies in UAE, otherwise mentioned.

UAE labor laws do not differentiate between different categories of genders and workers. These laws are very helpful to provide special treatment to women.

Leave Entitlement for women working in Private Sector

Leave Entitlement for women working in Private SectorArticles 27 to 34 of the UAE’s labour law lay down special provisions for women employees in the private sector. Some of the important provisions are:

  • Women may not be employed between 10 pm and 7 am with exceptions in administrative, technical and health services
  • They are not suppose to work in hazardous or strenuous or physically challenging jobs.
  • Working Women will have same timings and wages when comparing with men.

Maternity benefits:

  • A working woman will receive 45 day’s maternity leave including the time before and after delivery. If the woman has completed one year of continuous employment for the same employer, she is entitled to full pay during maternity leave; otherwise, she is entitled to half pay.
  • In addition, after delivery, the woman will receive two additional breaks each day, with each break not exceeding half an hour for nursing her child. The woman is entitled to such breaks for 18 months following the date of delivery and is entitled to full pay.

Source: https://government.ae

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