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Let’s learn Arabic!


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Do you know how many Arabic speakers in the world? They are more than 290 million people! We are sure, this is a great reason to know Arabic better.

That is an official language of 22 countries, also a lot of people use it as a one more way to communicate.

We’ve decided to learn this beautiful and mysteries language of the different reasons, but for profitable results first you should determine the dialect.

  1. If you want to make these skills a professional priority or plan on starting a carrier as a translator, in this case your choice is literary Arabic. This is an official language in any Arabic-speaking country, using by presidents and speakers of Al Jazeera channel. You will find the most popular textbooks written in literary Arabic.
  2. Are you interested in popular Arabic culture, want to watch original edition of movies and music? Egyptian is perfect for it. The center of cinematography, music videos industry and Disney cartoons usually go with this dialect.
  3. If we’re speaking about moving in a certain Arabic country, you should learn special dialect of the place.

Obviously, you must start with the alphabet, doing notes any time you have something important to memorize. The additional video tutorials will help you increase your articulation, pronunciation and reading skills. Also, it’s very important listening to the native speakers.

What about Arabic spelling?

Arabic spelling looks fascinatingly, it reminds a work of art. There are some important facts a new learner needs to pay attention to.

  1. 22 letters from 28 have 4 options of writing.
  2. Some letters are written in the same way.
  3. There aren’t capital letters.

We know, it’s complicated to memorize a huge range of words in short period of time.  Sometimes it could be a reason why people refuse learning a new language. But we have some good news for you! Communication at the level of everyday life needs around 2000 words. Learn 10-15 words per day and you’ll get spoken level in six months.

Arabic is the 5th popular language in the world. It seems it is going to take over the world, so hurry up to learn it! 😉


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