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How To Avoid Getting Stuck In UAE Traffic


While living in UAE and especially in Dubai, traffic jams are no-less than a repetitive nightmare. They surely have caused trouble for everyone even more times than they can remember. Getting late for meetings in the office, missing important clients meetings, being late for events. There will be many more occasions where traffic jam has embarrassed you badly. UAE is an amazing place to live, but the major problem faced by residents and tourists is traffic chaos on routine basis.

Although all emirates of UAE have wide roads of multiple lanes, but still traffic jams are a routine occurrence on major highways that connect usual routes of office workers. UAE Govt already taking some important measures for improving this deteriorating traffic situation by increasing link roads, overhead bridges tunnels and many other channels. Following are the important points that will help you to get rid of the traffic jam scenarios:

Try alternative routes

try alternate routes hubb aeTry using alternative routes, there is no harm in going for the easy option with the minimum possible congestion in order to avoid the traffic jam, even if it’s a bit longer route to your destination. This is still preferable instead of getting stuck in the traffic for hours.

Avoid rush hour

avid rush hours hubb aeBeing familiar with the congestion times and traffic situation, it’s better to make some changes in your plans. Avoid travelling at times when people are in rush to reach office/school and return home [7:45-9:30am, 2:00 pm and between 4:45-6:00pm]. At this predicted rush hour you can easily dodge traffic and reach your destination in time.

Switch your transportation

switch your transportation hubb aePeople often prefer travelling through their own vehicles, but it’s not a wise option at times so another alternate will do well. Public transportation is better to reach at crowded areas instead of driving your SUV and wasting your fuel and time. You can avail among the numerous options available for public transportations in UAE such as metro, tram, taxi or bus at any time of the day. If your colleagues or friends are heading to the same location you can also opt for carpool/ride share to save fuel and contribute to the environment. Try going to nearest location by walking or cycling, this will also help you stay active and smart.

Use technology

traffic app hubb aeNow there is nothing that can’t be achieved through technology. There are numerous applications which will help you to solve problems within a matter of seconds. You can use traffic guide applications to avoid getting into rush areas, these applications give minute-to-minute updates regarding traffic conditions in surroundings. You can use GPS to look for alternate roads. It is impossible to completely escape from traffic on the roads. But there are always options to evade the traffic hassle in the UAE.

Have a happy ride!


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