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Don’t Risk Fitness With Busy Routine While Living In UAE

Don’t Risk Fitness With Busy Routine While Living In UAE

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People living or working in UAE are so busy that they don’t get enough time to maintain their physical fitness. UAE has all the world cuisines; with frequent dining out, take away meals and snacks, it is easy to put on weight. But now it’s time to leave all the excuses behind and get on track to stay fit and healthy while living in UAE.
You can achieve fitness with your current routine, and, without going to gym (and paying for not using their services due to hectic schedule). With the following useful tips you can manage to work on your fitness:
Best gyms in Dubai

  • Utilize daily phone calls

You receive many phone calls on daily basis from friends, family or coworkers whenever you receive a call, get up and walk around the space in your office or home while you talk.

  • Try using stairs

You might need to use the elevator at your office many times a day, but for your health, try using stairs each time you need to go to some other floor. It will burn your extra calories and build up muscle mass; it will also save time and annoyance on having to wait for the elevator.

  • Use your smart phone for something else

Your smartphone is your best buddy now-a-days, and your buddy can now help you to set your fitness routine. You can set alarms to wake up half an hour earlier; with these 30 minutes, you can opt to go for a walk or to do some light exercise. You can download various fitness applications to maintain your weight and health.

Best fitness in DubaiSet reminders to do some exercise and follow your daily exercise schedule. The fitness applications can help you keep count on your calories burned and the time you have been working out and improvements in your workout stamina. You can also set alarms to manage your sleep time and diet plans.

  • Try Workout between your daily activities

Try adding workout between your routine activities. Add some jumping jacks and squats during television commercials, take the stop before the actual destination to add some walk in the daily routine; it will burn extra calories and lower chances of weight gain. While cleaning the apartment/house, you can clean faster or harder to burn more calories.

  • Workout during lunch hour

Eat healthy food that is vitamin and protein enriched. At your lunch break, take your lunch to a nearby park and eat there. While going back, take a round of the park (if time permits) while listening to your favorite music track and use an app on your smartphone to count your footsteps while walking.

With the late working hours, kids and all the weariness of a work-day, it might be difficult, but a conscious diet plan and a little bit use of technology can help you in maintaining your weight and health.

Here are few of the sports and fitness centers in Dubai and UAE.

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