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Hidden Secrets In The Architecture Of Burj Khalifa

Hidden Secrets In The Architecture Of Burj Khalifa

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Burj Khalifa – Dubai is not just a building. It is a piece of Art.
In this article, we are going to list hidden and unbelievable facts about this monument that became a brand related to the city of Dubai.

Way Too High!

Burj Khalifa is the tallest man-made structure in the world that comes with 2717 feet height and 163 floors.
This means that Burj Khalifa is as twice as high as the “Empire State Building” in New York.
Burj Khalifa can actually be seen from different spots and within a Radius of 95Km.

Inspired From Nature

The Burj Khalifa architecture is Inspired from the Hymenocallis Flower (The Spider Lily).

Exclusive Prayer Timings Just For Burj Khalifa?

People living in Burj Khalifa have different prayer timings from the rest of the city as they see the sun longer than the other inhabitants of Dubai. Which means, in Ramadan, they have to break their fast 2 to 3 minutes later than the usual timing.
For those living on the 80th to the 150th floor, the iftar time is delayed for two minutes after the muezzin calls for Maghreb Prayer.
For Fajr, they have to pray 2 minutes prior to the usual timing.
For the residents of the 151st and above, they must delay their Iftar for 3 minutes, as well as their Esha prayer.

Two Sunsets In One Day!

Thanks to the height of the building, you can actually see the sunset twice in one day.
You can see it from the bottom of the building and just take an elevator, go straight to the top, and you will enjoy watching the same sunset again.
This will bring us to the next fact which is about the Elevators of Burj Khalifa.

They Missed The First Place

The fastest traveling elevators in the world are not actually in Burj Khalifa. Still, Otis lifts in Burj Khalifa share the third spot on the fastest traveling elevators in the world along with three other buildings.
However, according to the data released by Emporis (a leading database for building information worldwide.) Burj Khalifa has the world’s fastest double-decker elevators, able to travel the longest distance currently possible in an elevator.
You can find 57 elevators in Burj Khalifa which each has the capacity of 12 to 14 persons per cabin.
The elevator speed can reach up to 36 Km/h equivalent to 600m/min.
This means it only takes you 1 minute to go from the ground floor to the 124th floor (The observation Deck).

How Many People Live In?

This huge building can fit up to 35.000 people that can work and live in the building.

How They Cool Down The Building?

In order to cool down the glass building, 200.000 gallons of water must be pumped in the building every day.
The water is pumped in stages to huge reservoirs located at several floors until it reaches the floor and then flows back down again.

Flight Paths Affected?

Flight paths in and out of Dubai had to be changed since Burj Khalifa construction reached 790m in height.

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