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The Most Expensive Villas in Dubai Emirates Hills


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Dubai is known to be the wealthiest and safest city in the world. Dubai’s prosperous economy encouraged many businessmen to invest in the real-estate market. This made Dubai the home of luxurious houses and apartments that look too good to be true.

No matter how hard you try to distinguish the lavishness of a community in Dubai, you cannot.
We can only say that “Dubai” only means “Luxury.”

As we are sure that the fastest growing city in the world is full of exceptions, we chose the “Emirates Hills” also called “Beverly Hills of Dubai”  to list the most expensive properties in this area known for its extravagant and showy villas.

Five bedroom Villa in Emirates Hills

This enormous villa has five bedrooms, and it’s worth 185 million dirhams (around 50 million dollars).

Ten bedroom Villa in Emirates Hills

A contemporary villa owned by a European private banker who spent two years finishing this property. This villa is worth 179 million dirhams (around 49 million dollars).

Eight bedroom Villa in Emirates Hills

This villa is kind of unique. It has a modern European décor style that takes you far away from the desert to the snowing weather of Europe. It is worth 128 million dirhams (around 35 million dollars).

9 bedroom Villa Emirates Hills

For those of you who love the harmony between the Arabic lines and the modern architecture, this house is perfect for you. This villa is embellished with unique wooden floors and contemporary art.
This house is worth 75 million dirhams (20 million dollars).

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