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Planning The Best Trip For The FIFA World Cup From UAE


Russia is a marvelous country and FIFA World Cup 2018 is going to prove a welcome window into this nation. Fans in UAE are going all crazy to see the live action of FIFA in Russia. FIFA world cup is the most viewed international soccer tournament in the world.

FIFA World Cup is the most popular international soccer tournament and many people have a desire to be the part of this great tournament. This event combines outstanding international players form 32 different countries. There are 8 groups of teams and the event will last for 5 weeks and is played in tournament fashion.

Trip to Russia for FIFA 2018:

Plan your trip and have memorable time watching FIFA world cup 2018 live in Russia. FIFA World Cup 2018 is starting from 14 July 2018. There is a special permit available for holders of world cup tickets. UAE passport should be valid for a minimum period of six months after the expiring date of your Fan ID. While entering in Russia, you must sign a migration card which is created electronically at passport control. Card is divided into two different parts and one part will be retained on arrival. You have to keep the other part along with your passport as you will need this when you leave Russia.


Many people used to buy a ticket through unofficial means, but they are not valid. Electronic Fan ID will be linked to each and every ticket. If you want to have access to any of the stadium during the FIFA world cup, you will need to have a valid electronic ticket with Fan ID and a passport.

You can easily purchase tickets for Russian FIFA World Cup 2018 officially. Usually travel packages do not include tickets; tickets are sold by FIFA on first come and first served basis.  A single ticket costs from $100 to $1100 USD (350 – 4000 dirhams), as it depends on the match and sitting class. FIFA world cup 2018 tickets were available for purchase 9 months before the tournament kicks off in Russia.


You must apply visa early, if you want to be the part of this sport event; mega sports event is starting from June 14. Start searching online regarding this trip, and you should go for the hotel that is near to the stadium. Official FIFA website has hotel options for fans coming for World Cup 2018 from UAE and other countries. With proper searching and prior planning you will not face any problem during the trip. Go ahead and plan a trip of a lifetime and have a lot of enjoyment.

From UAE to Russia:

HubbTravelThere are 11 host cities in Russia, so you need to plan how to reach from UAE to your destination city. Welcome2018.com is the official website that gives all the information to tourists who want to go to Russia for watching FIFA 2018 matches. It gives information regarding match calender, fan guide, travel inside Russia, going to a match, hotel and accommodation and ticketing.

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